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Best counselling services in the world.

The Hope is the best platform for private and confidential therapy.

5 Star Rating 98%
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Recommendation for my Friends and Family 100%
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Dr. Garima Gupta

A certified practitioner by Rehabilitation Council of India.

“If someone you know or care about is struggling mental health issues in relationships & at work place. Please allow me to help.”

I feel it is a privilege to be a mental health coach & a psychologist. I love my work. I take a creative and collaborative approach in my practice, researching innovative techniques and information to help you make the changes you desire.

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The Stories of Success

I am having a great experience at The hopes. Dr. Garima listens, understands and resolves my problems very well. I really feel relaxed and confident after having discussions with her…. I would really recommended it to everyone.

Mrs. Mittal

Throughout the entire process, I never felt uneasy or wrong. I was able to discuss everything without the fear of being judged, I am hoping to break the stigma attached to mental health by sharing my experiences. There is no harm in taking your issues out and I would recommend The Hopes.

Mr. Anand

It was a great learning experience. It was much more than an online class. The sessions were interactive and it allowed us to look itno the larger picture. Ma’am taught us skills that are a must for any upcoming counsellor. These sessions made us more sensitive towards mental health issues and the people who undergo such problems. Overall, the internship was great and any student who wants to learn this can apply for future internships.

Mrs. Chauhan

Had a great experience, she changed my life and helped me to reconcile and start a new beginning with my husband. We both started living a happy life.

Mrs. Malik

Dr. Garima is a amazing pyschologist. Addressed my situation so well and have me practical solutions and all together a different positive vision towards life and people around me. A very empathetic, Non-judgmental, compassionate counsellor. Highly recommended to visit her if you are dealing with any kind of stress or depression or feeling low in life. She will definitely help you out.

Ms. Kalra

Very friendly and makes you totally comfortable which is mainly required. Gives you hopes as per the name. I have visited 2-3 phsyclogists and took medication from a psychiatrist but I saw not much improvements but with Dr Garima I felt improvements in 2-3 sessions only. Highly recommended by me I think she is best in Delhi NCR.

Mr. Kumar

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